Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I thought I was done but I think this is much harder to escape than I believed

I thought we were done. I thought I had posted the last post on this site. I thought ........ guess what, I was wrong. While she is done, her ANC is very high, I guess the immune system is more than ANC. It involves lots and lots of other stuff. She can fight off stuff, but once something arrives, it likes to stay a bit longer than with others of us that have a good system.

She has a cold. She can't talk, she feels miserable, her throat is sore and she is very unhappy. She is in bed.

So, I checked in. Yep.... she is normal. She is post treatment but needs a year to really get back to herself. So now they tell us. I will relay the message and hope for the best for her.

She becomes so freaked when she is sick. She told me yesterday that she just worries and becomes depressed. Who can blame her. Oh, well. Chicken soup tonight. (Mexican of course).