Friday, August 14, 2015

Cliff Notes

They were useful in their time.  I know there are folks reading this blog that never used them and don't know what they are.  To catch you up, they were the precursor to Google, Wikipedia, and instant streaming movies.  If you didn't want to read Moby Dick, ( I read it all the way through and can discuss whale blubber with the best of them.) you picked up the little yellow and black book.  

It is how some people survived college and even high school. 
But like many short cuts, you often miss something important. 

In Cancer World there are no short cuts.  No easy way out. No way to skip a difficult chapter.  To make matter's more concerning, they add chapters and change the ending all the time.  I was reading an article in the New York Times Magazine about romance novels.  Judith Krantz pointed out there always has to be a happy ending.  Not so from where I sit. 

Today is just one of those days.  Allistaire is in the hospital with a blood infection. Her mom is by her side in stark terror of what this means.  Allistaire is supposed to be getting stronger, and Jai is training for Obliteride ( a Fred Hutch fundraiser).  Sierra is locked up in isolation because of a bad bug.  Jade is not in full remission. Violet is facing an MRI tomorrow. Alex keeps slogging through chemo and is a teenager that just wants to "BE DONE!" and there are a million other kids facing "Scans" 

We are hoping to be done with our Cliff Notes but only know that we have to be happy for "NOW".  As a Cancer Mom, I see
what cancer has taken from Mary-Elizabeth and worry but know I am not alone. 

Because our children are pure gold, September is Childhood Cancer Month.  Keep them in mind.