Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So now we enter "Long Term Follow-up"

I guess it sort of goes like this. A whole round of tests including an new Eco Cardiogram. Lovely type of test, very easy, non-evasive, fast and THE most expensive single test we have done and an fairly regular basis. Blood tests, lots of extras like Thyroid and Lipids and....... Then we sit down with our new Karen (not to be confused with our old Karyn) and are give the book. The book contains the whole story to date, all the treatments, number of doses, the whole nine yards. The best part is the "What to Look For" sections. When we have this I will see what it has to say. This is the FINE PRINT.

We aren't going until March so I should be in quite a stew before then.
I think I need to go to the Library. I need to read the biography of the Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. I watched the movie last night and need to know more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Inaguration

Loved it. Grandmother would have been appalled by the day dress but would have approved of ball gown. It has been a week. I'm not sure things have changed but there seems to be some movement towards some good things happening, eventually.

It has taken a long long time to get from being 3/5ths of a human to being President. I don't think we can last that long to work on some basic issues but then we shall see.


All the ornaments and lights are off. Trying to make it out the door next.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am not certain why just thinking about sending my child to college makes me giddy. I am surrounded by people full of anxiety and concern.

What school?
What Program?
How will it be paid for?
Will horrible and deadly things happen while she is there?
Will she be sucessful?
Will she have a good time?
Will she find those dear and lasting life long friends like I did?
How do we help her through those first few months?
Will anyone accept her?
Do I have to go on the big "college tour"

I just can not hop on that anxiety wagon. This is what I know.

Finals are next week.
Some great school she want to go to will take her.
The money will come from somewhere.
She will make great friends and have a good time.
She will be homesick but will handle it.\

But what I really know is that she will be going. I am more than content and satisfied with the fact that she will be