Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Survived but I realized we never get to go back to Normal World

Once here, we never get to leave. It is okay, it is just what it is. While almost two years have passed since the last dose and the last surgery and the last..... But we are on a very very long tether but a tether just the same. We are sort of like birds at the zoo that are allowed to fly free for awhile. Sometimes they even leave for a couple of days but eventually they have to go back to the zoo.

We shall settle in to bits and pieces of freedom.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

An Election to Remember and a dress to Forget

A little more blue on the map. A new president elect. Cute kids, nice suit and a bizarre dress. I should explain that Grandmother Foster was the first Mr. Blackwell. She had a very specific sense of dress and style and propriety. She would shop at the Cresent in Spokane and each suit would have matching accessories and shoes. At some point in time there were even matching hats. I don't remember if Grandmother was political in any specific way but I so recall her on going commentary political dress.

1.Ronald Regan always looked presidential. His suits and ties and shirts passed the test.

2. Nancy Regan was given kudos for buying matching china for the White House. Now the fact it was Lenox was okay but Rosehthal would have been better or Royal Doulton but then buying American is preferred.

3. No president should be called Jimmy and certainly not carry his own suit bag! What was he thinking.

4. No First Lady should recycle an inauguration gown. Did Roslyn Carter not know it would be going to the Smithsonian?

Grandma would not be pleased with the purple dress with plastic flowers, the red and black number or the weird Shrugs she has been wearing.

I think she would have been pleased with the election results.