Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bird is on the Nest still

This is not the where the bird is but is just a great picture of Central Idaho as you head out of the canyon by the Payette river and head toward Donnelly and McCall

A robin built a nest on top of your trellis. I noticed on the 4th of July. Soon there after she began to sit. She has been there way way too long in bird world but still seems to have eggs. We have seen no blue bits of shell or heard any noise of demanding babys. She is also still not diving at us.

M-E suggested that she was perhaps a single mom that had not had the 'Birds and the Bees " discussion.

I checked a couple of times and she was gone yesterday. I was surprised that it made me sad to have her gone. I was looking forward to watching her raise this family. I had already planned to make sure we don't mess with her nest this fall when we deal with the grapes.

But I checked this morning and she is back. We shall see.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

She feels like everyone is dying

I picked her up at the bus yesterday. She had been to camp for 9 days with Laura Breshock. No Whitney this year. She was tired but clean. she had received a call and knew that her surrogate grandfather, Richard Davis had died after a very complicated and nasty battle with some new kind of infection.

He has been a wonderful presence in the life of Mary-Elizabeth. She felt like he was another grandpa to her. She used to go to Camp Grandma with Whitney on numerous occasions. That sort of stopped after she was diagnosed but she loved him and knew he and Louis cared endlessly about her. They brought her a huge stuffed flower when she could not have real flowers and of course the famous Road alligator. Ours appears to be stuffed, green and plush but then when you are driving along the roads of the world it would be logical that thy would be black to fit in to the environment.

He will be missed.

Friday, July 11, 2008