Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dad in the Garden

Here is a very normal picture but one that give my the creeps. Not that it is a bad picture or anything, only I have one almost like it with my Grandfather. I guess it is time to get the pictures organized and find the picture. Then I have to buy a scanner and the figure out how to use it.....

Mary-Elizabeth turn 15 in a week.........

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Have NO Buisness doing this but then.......

Click on the title and you will see where I have decided to go to celebrate the end of Treatment, with a Treat.

I have scheduled myself for so many spa treatments that I have to have a schedule.

Now if I can just not feel guilty about this and not be freaked about the money. I have decided to look at is a savings the Miraval spa would have been twice as expensive.......... and oh so hot in July and I would have had to stay in air conditioned rooms and that would be bad for the environment and the energy would have melted the polar ice caps and the sea would have risen and the polar bears would have had no home and the salmon would overtake the sea because no one would be around to eat them................. I think I need a break from reality.

Please send any good book suggestions. I am going to do lots of reading.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Day of Freshman Year

No fancy cloths, they were in their pajamas. The last day of school was all about being comfortable for finals. I did not find myself sad or teary this year. I am so so grateful that there is an end to the freshman year. I am no longer sad when time passes and she grow up and head out. I am grateful that there is a child that is growing and that time IS passing. Having the ability to share moments with her is so much a joy, when not a total aggravation.
Joey and Caroline have been a great addition to our lives. We are looking forward to next year.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Basque Rice Pudding

Grandma Foster always wanted to make the perfect rice person. A basque neighbor of hers had always made this creamy rich pudding. NO matter what Grandma did she could never duplicate the recipe. I found one in Sunset magazine and am trying it this morning. I have the pot on the stove but do not have any cinnamon sticks. I will hope it is okay.

I have to go stir now.....

I think I should have a cook stove, a wooden one. I think that is the missing ingredient to this pudding. I am going to keep stirring.

Take 6 to 7 cups of milk. (Any kind but I bet skim is not very good... just guessing)
One cup of rice, not Uncle Bens but the sticky Japanese rice.

2 cinnamon sticks to put in and boil during the cooking process. ( I don't have any so I am just boiling milk and rice right now.

Have to go stir.

Well then after it has cooked for about 30 minutes. Opps it was supposed to be covered. See, Okay now the pan is covered and gently simmering. I found that 3.5 on the stove seems to keep it there. But now I have.....

Oh there is so much pressure.

I guess these sorts of things take time to learn how to do. I just don't see how the 6 -7 cups of milk and one cup of rice can make pudding. Oh, there seems to be more activity then"gentle simmering" have to go.

Oh, yeah, boiling over. Not good. I am sure that this would not happen on a wood stove. Well it is getting close. I think we are getting rid of some of the milk in the evaporation, boiling over process. We will see how this goes. Next step, find a container, add some sugar and cinnamon and chill. I will let you know.

I may even have a picture or two...2

pictures will come later to this entry. Cooling is happening and I have to do some other things today.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I found this a while back and it seems like today is a good day.

It has been a rough week in the world of "Kids with Cancer". It seems like a lot of them don't have it anymore because they have died. I would rather say died then "lost the battle". I think you loose if you don't do give something you best. I think you loose if you don't do try when there is a chance and good options. Sometimes the universe does not align right and the kid cancer is really really bad and we just don't have the right stuff to make it better.

After reading some a book that my sister suggested I buy I realize that sometimes the treatment can cause more problems that have to be fixed. But then that is a train of thought for another day. Here is the poem I found somewhere, somehow. It is apropos.

Remember Me

When the snow melts and the sun warms the earth.
As spring brings forth a new hope for life and the first flowers show their colors.
When you look at the night sky with it's soft twinkling lights.
When your children hold you close and look into your eyes.
As you hold dear to your heart the love of your family, never let them stray from the truth.
When Eagles soar in circled flight and their wings touch.
And treasure the time spent with loved ones for they are the most precious of all.
As the rain falls on your face and the drops roll gently down your checks, smile God has given us this day to heal our wounds.
With lightness in your heart learn from all what life has to offer.
Remember me, I'll always remember you.