Wednesday, October 07, 2009

College Searches and Visits

So welcome to our world. Since I applied to college it has become oh so much more interesting and expensive. You no longer fill out an application, send it in and pray. You have "To show a real interest" . I am not sure what that means but evidently, I should have sent letters of inquiry when ME was born, if not before. One is supposed to research, contact admission counselors, the campus and then go visit and have an inteview and then visit again. It is always good to build a library also.

I can not abide college visits. They are BORING. This is how it goes:

The college was founded ____________. We have great social activities. We have a great cafeteria. We have a strong alumni association that will get you a job after you finish school. A new one. We have our own postal zip code.....

I have a whole different set of criteria. Do they take the Common Application? ( you fill that puppy out and the computer sends it to all your colleges) Is there an on campus coffee stand and can I obtain a decent triple short latte? Is the parking easy? Is it a place I will want to visit again? What is the book store like. So far the bookstores are ranked as follows:
1. U of Washington
2 U of San Diego
3 U of Portland
4. Seattle U.
5. Gonzaga.

How many boys are on campus and how many smile at ME as we walk around.

I refuse to do more than a brief visit and am not packing in 10 colleges in the upcoming "Senior College Visit" time allowed in ME's Senior schedule. I don't have time for a fall vacation. This is a racket...... Maybe after the "we want you to come" letters arrive then we might take a second look.

ME has a bit of her mom in her. She was drilled this last weekend about college and what she wanted to do when she grew up. She said the on Monday Gonzaga was having it's first audition. She would then determine whether or not there would be a call back.

Gonzaga has been placed on the list. Okay, the pizza smelled good. Lousy book store but I was able to see Bing Crosby's Oscar and all his gold and platinum records. What could be better.