Thursday, July 19, 2007

I hate that Life is not Fair but then We would all get sick of Candy!

I am pouting and playing the "woe is me" record. No dream trip to the spa and rest and relaxation for me. I guess I should have just given up when I had to change it the first time. It is just falling apart all around. First a problem at the office kept me from being able to go. I had a situation that could not wait and had to be handled. Then the person that was supposed to go with M-E to Camp Good Times backed out so she is not going to that camp during the same week I had planned to go.

I guess I could leave anyway but then the whole purpose was to be able to go and relax. I could camp M-E with her dad or her grandparents or send her to Idaho or to Arizona but then I would worry about hobbling together a plan. I will just tough it out and not think about it.

I have thought about a few days or some other sort of plan but don't seem to have the energy to put it all together again. While a couple of days seems like a good idea I just really need to have some real time. It takes me three or four days to relax. I have to get out of town, have everything planned so I don't have to worry. Maybe some other time.

Okay, I feel better. It helps to whine.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Off to Camp, I hope she stays this year

She is facing things like hot weather, cold water and more reflexes. No meds, no port and great numbers. There is that Friday the 13th to face this week but then we have faced other great obstacles.

I had one of those unreasonable panics today. One the creeps in every now and then. A week or so ago, M-E mentioned nose bleeds on a regular basis. I saw some unexplained bruises on her legs. She has been "EXHAUSTED" Of course I was sure she had leukemia or a new other kind of friend........ ITS BACK......
kept creeping into my brain. I asked if she wanted a blood draw and she said yes, it felt like it had been too long.

So Sunday after swimming we went to Children's. I am sure M-E would not want me to mention I did not have a bra on during the trip. Opps.

Any way we went and did the draw. No easy task. Our body's are not very willing to give up blood when the heat attack is in full swing. Our veins retreat to the nether regions and hide. So task done, on to other things.

This morning I thought I would inquire. I e-mailed both Dr. Tracy and Nurse Karyn. No instant answer. I didn't think about it until later in the afternoon. The process went sort of like this:

I wonder why they didn't open my e-mail? I am sure they are just busy and working on curing cancer and stuff.

But I e-mailed this A.M. Karyn is busy on Mondays but she always checks her e-mail even when she is on vacation. She is just busy. Dr. Tracy is playing first year fellow and it is really busy.

Maybe they are not calling because they have to figure out what they results mean?
Maybe they think it is back. Maybe they have assembled the team before they tell me. Maybe they called at home and no one answered. Maybe I should check my messages. Maybe I should call the hospital. It they want me to come in then I know this is bad.... Oh, Now that M-E has cancer again, do I have to bring her home from camp. Should we let her stay and have good week.

If we do will she crash and have to be air lifted to Seattle. Will we have to start at Mary Bridge and the horrible emergency room? Oh, this is very very bad. I knew that with the first nose bleed we should have called 911 and had her transported to Childrens. I don't think a helicopter can land in my front yard. I think my trees are too big. I knew I should not have planted the trees.

Oh, now what. Call. Make them tell you to come in. Be brave.

Hem/ONC clinic please

(Voice Mail Hell)
If this is an emergency hang up and call "911" ( I always love that one. like someone in an emergency would want to visit a phone tree!!!!!)
If you are a physician needing to contact a physician in the clinic please press "8"
If you are a patient needing to schedule an appointment please press "2"
If you need to contact the charge nurse please press "3"

Hem/Onc Susie

Hi Susie My name is Sally Lanham, My daughter's name is Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham she had a blood draw ( and I know that it is very very bad and we are going to be best of friends soon) and I was wondering if you could check the results.

Oh, I have to wait for Vanessa to call me back. I see....... (this is so bad everyone knows. They are pretending they can't find the records.) Okay, my number is......

Oh, Vanessa is off the phone. Thanks. Vanessa could you check the counts for ...... Thanks. Yes I am ready. Oh, you are going to give them too me. Oh, yes I do want to know.

Crit 38.6 should be 44ish but okay
Plat 225 very normal. She could loose a toe and clot like a sailor.
WB 6234
ANC 4239 Oh, she could lick door knobs and still be okay.

Thanks. Oh, no, I am fine. It was just a bad moment of apprehension....
( We are home free again for awhile.) Camp is saved. Friday the 13th will be saved. New friends will be made, new memories, new experiences.... It will be grand..

It spins out of control so fast. My sister will have plenty to say about it. But she says we only need to be concerned about unreasonable and irrational fears. I don't thing I am there yet..........

Friday, July 06, 2007

Public Service for Those that Live in Seattle

Today's featured link is to the Side Sewer Web Site. You can find out where your neighbor's sewer connects to the main. You can find out that your sewer goes down the side of the house, makes a weird turn, across the front of your lawn, under the side walk leading to your front door, under more lawn to end up in the middle the driveway before heading to the street.

If you were wondering. I did find that the trees are not in the line because the line is nowhere near the line. But who knew.

Good news we are only in the bid stage. No problems, only trying to be proactive.......

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

She has made it to 15, YEAH..............

We have arrived!!!!!! I have lots of friends that bemoan each and every birthday of their children. They seem them points marking time where the child will leave them.
I am just so happy and relieved and thankful for Birthdays of any sort. I love that we are now at 15, we are 6 months post treatment and it is Sun on 4th of July.
Today, I am writing while a very tired bunch of girls lounge on the couches, playing a weird "I never game" and barely able to speak or think. We are supposed to go to a party but I think my daughter is wilting. I am going to lure her anyway.
We make Hollywood Nails open up at 9:00 a.m. and they did 5 sets of toes. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Best Laid Plan s

No trip to Canada this month. Maybe next if things at the office don't fall apart.

Something happened that made me cancel my trip. I even have my monogrammed spa robe in hand. I am going to to my best to try and go the week in August that M-E is at Camp Good Times. But then I have learned things don't always work out the way you want them to....

Big birthday doings..... several girls spending the night. A cake has been baked and then Hollywood Nails at 10:00 A.M on the 4th for pedicures all around..... Johnny will regret he would not let her get her nails done until now. I have visions of jewels and air brushing and.................................