Thursday, July 23, 2009

She has gone to her "Dark Place"

She use to go there a lot. She does not stay as long but it is still there. Yesterday A.M. went fairly well. As she began to come out from under the happy pill, the reality of what was ahead began to sink in a bit.

I did some reading about the operation she is going to have on the 10th it is called a double endoscopic gastrocnemius recession. They go in and cut the main calf muscle, throw her in some boots for a couple of weeks and in 12 weeks she is back in the boat rowing.
Boy I hope this works......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Age Torture

We visited Dr. Eva Young today. She is this very sweet, tiny 8 month pregnant doctor that evaluates muscle and nerve function. She has some fancy title but in essence she sticks really long needles into people and runs electric shocks into people's bodies. To make things even more fun after she puts the long pointy needle into the muscles she moves it up and down until it is just right.

Eva warned M-E that the electric shocks would feel like touching a door nob during the winter. Mary-Elizabeth wondered what kind of door nob the doctor was touching because she certainly did not ever want to be anywhere near it.

So here is what we learned. The left leg has the most nerve damage but has pretty good muscles activity. The right leg has little or no nerve damage but the tightest muscles.

Surgery is scheduled for August 10th to lengthen the calf muscles.

Who can believe we are even talking about this sort of thing. It has been almost 5 years. I am tired of all of it. But then I must remind myself that I have been given 5 more years and quit whining.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She is Off to Camp.... If she only knew

My only claim to fame as a mother of a camper is the care package I send every year. Some mothers lovingly bake cookies, find lovely treats, send notes and cards and send e-mail through the system where you pay to e-mail your child, less they forget you are still hovering over them and interfering with all of their fun. I drop my child, after being made to wait for the bus to leave, and head to China Town. I head into Owajima and spend about an hour finding a nice variety of items. Packages with little dancing fish and bears in brightly colored wrapping dancing on the surface and no food label are my favorite. I fill a box of such treasures and off it goes. I figure most of it is fed to the raccoons.

I don't ever send the really really bad stuff. I should just for fun. the picked fish heads, the toasted tiny fish skeletons and other such mysteries. It could be a fun fun package if I could imagine some sort of consumption and not just screeches from the girls.

I am just so glad she is at camp. This is her favorite thing. She is coming back to unhappy but necessary "procedures". Her summer will end August 10th. Surgery on both legs to lengthen her calf muscles. More later. It is too YUCK to think about today.

Today I am thinking about gummy weird candy that no one can identify.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Birthdays, Non Parties and other Matters

She is now 17 years old. Hard to believe. She spent her birthday with Grampa and other Grampa in Eugene. Her father and clan went for a three day visit. In ways it seemed odd to have them going to visit and not me but then in other ways it was more than fine. I was at home and doing some minor gardening projects and then took off to visit Margaret and Mary-Jane's Whidby Island cabin. (That is certainly something I intend to do more.)

I came home on Saturday to find the porch filled with boxes addressed to the birthday girl and plants that were more than happy that the marine layer was coming for a long visit. (We don't do well in 80 degree weather.)

Mary-Elizabeth came home and promptly attended her first R rated movie without adult supervision. Of course she wanted me to come give her a ride home because the "bus takes too long". Gee.....

So things on my mind. Sarah Palin.... Michael Jackson.... Minidoka Internment Camp.... What to cook for dinner. Gee... that might take too long.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Wedding in San Diego

Wonderful, wondeful, wonderful......

We had such a great time. We love San Diego...... Time at the Zoo. Time at the University of San Diego. San Diego Mission. What more do I need to say....