Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Am Done with being a Leukemia Mom but we are not quite finished.

Yeah, here we are in March 2008. Silly time for a post. Well sometimes post just have to happen. I guess we are both sick to death of living in this world. We found out last week that we still have lots of left over baggage.

Life has been good. Trips to Mexico with Dad, Mom's new hip is settling in..... She is still receiving straight A's at Holy Names. The flowers are up, some gardening is happening. The dogs are good. The Sibs and Parental Units are great. Mary-Elizabeth does not seem too interested in driving... What more could we ask for???

Well, lest we forget, we were drug back to scary world for a few hours. Wednesday afternoon about 2:15 p.m. I was in a mediation. I was interrupted by a call from M-E. She was crying and in pain. She told me her stomach hurt more than ever and she had hives everywhere. I said I was on my way.

I ditched the mean people that were never going to settle and headed to the car. I tried to call Sister Dorthy but she was on the phone. Little did I know she was on the phone with 911. By the time I arrived there were two ambulances and school was letting out. The ambulances were clogging traffic and I parked in a sacred "No Parking Zone." I was immediately accosted by a the parking police who backed down when I explained the ambulances were my daughters fault.

I snuck in the back, looked for a second for the elevator and then headed up three flights of stairs. I found Sister Dorothy and my scared and sick child. She was in the presence of four cute EMT's. Her tongue had swollen and she was crying and itchy and just miserable. I intervened, and let then know that IV Benedryle was probably not the best choice and convinced them I could transport her to the hospital as well as they could. No IV, No ride in the ambulance.

I had been in contact with the Hem/Onc clinic and they were not about to let us come in. I was not worried about the stomach ache and wanted a blood draw to see if I should become a real basket case. Evidently they don' see everything as being caused by chemo and cancer like I do.

We went to emergency. They got us right in and gave her some more drugs and some Hydorzine, another form of Benedryle. They also gave some of my least favorite steroid, Dexemethozone.
She dosed, I worried, they poked and we were finally able to go home. She cried and slept and I worried.

It was clearly an allergic reaction to something. What?
we don't know. Will it come back? Maybe. Was it a fluke? Could be.

One thing we know for sure, the histamine part of her immune system is back with vengeance.