Sunday, December 27, 2015


As Mom would say.... is like a Rocking Chair, it never gets you anywhere. 

It is so built into my being now.  I have seen too much not to worry.  I know I can soon tuck the worry away but it just is sitting on my shoulders. I pound it down with a box of donuts but it creeps back.  Looking for a new way to manage it but I think I have to come to realize it will always be there and be more accepting and forgiving.  Sort of like Pope Frances suggested as a good theme for the year.  

I worry.  It sucks.  I have a lot to worry about given what has happened.  Time to acknowledge it is there and let it sit
on a shelf like that stupid Elf-on-The Shelf.  I will let the Elf record the worry and report to some cosmic being that is taking care of things.  I have to let it go and begin moving forward instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop.  

Next shoe? You ask.  Hasn't it already dropped like a big bomb over ancient and unreplaceable town centers?  Oh, you must think there are only two shoes.   Once you enter Cancer World, one discovers our monster is a long caterpillar with many many legs and matching shoes. 
Time has come.  Maybe that is my New Year's Resolution.  I will put Worry away. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas. Sometimes it is hard even if things are alright in your world.

Cancer is such a horrible thing.  Many ask why I don't just leave well enough alone.  How do you do that when people you have met, and some you never meet, have a child that is dying because they have run out of options.  Parents are making decisions to halt treatment.  Parents with children already gone.  Parents that know they will soon have to make decisions they don't want to make.  

I don't seem to be able just to walk away. Too many children and families are affected.  Not millions, but even one is too many.

This is one of those years that things are great.  Okay, so the dish fairies took a day off, the laundry is waiting. There are a million things to do but in shifting priorities to "Essential,"  other things have been accomplished.  Star Wars has been viewed.  Presents opened and appreciated.  Sharing an excellent dinner with friends and family.  Calls to and from people you love and enjoy.  
Dishes can wait, boxes can be cut down and recycled, laundry mountains are a thing of art.  

I am taking a moment to make sure the coffee is good, the house is warm, and  the dogs get a good walk.  The kidlet has the rest she needs.  

I also have to figure out when I am going to see
Star Wars, again. 

Friday, December 04, 2015

Christmas Card Dilemma

Perfect Cards
Perfect Stamps
Perfect Return Address Lables

No Idea what to Write!

I have tried several things over the last couple of months, and I can't write it.  As I look over the last year I don't see much to report.  No massive events. No significant problems solved.  Losses of several family members are a drag in a Christmas Card.  I hate those long whiny letters.  Maybe I should write a haiku.  

Year has passed quick-

ly. No real news, hope remains

For a great New Year.

That might work.  

Or my other thought:

A Picture is better than a thousand words.