Sunday, December 27, 2015


As Mom would say.... is like a Rocking Chair, it never gets you anywhere. 

It is so built into my being now.  I have seen too much not to worry.  I know I can soon tuck the worry away but it just is sitting on my shoulders. I pound it down with a box of donuts but it creeps back.  Looking for a new way to manage it but I think I have to come to realize it will always be there and be more accepting and forgiving.  Sort of like Pope Frances suggested as a good theme for the year.  

I worry.  It sucks.  I have a lot to worry about given what has happened.  Time to acknowledge it is there and let it sit
on a shelf like that stupid Elf-on-The Shelf.  I will let the Elf record the worry and report to some cosmic being that is taking care of things.  I have to let it go and begin moving forward instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop.  

Next shoe? You ask.  Hasn't it already dropped like a big bomb over ancient and unreplaceable town centers?  Oh, you must think there are only two shoes.   Once you enter Cancer World, one discovers our monster is a long caterpillar with many many legs and matching shoes. 
Time has come.  Maybe that is my New Year's Resolution.  I will put Worry away. 

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