Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bits of Sparkle and Small Christmas Trees

A life rule is that everything is better with glitter.  Just a bit of glitter. It does not take much. It is one of those things that spreads everywhere.  No matter how careful you are it might end up in the butter.  

The best part about glitter..... no one can get mad about it.  How can anyone be mad to find a bit sprinkled here and there and there and oh yes, over there.  It is like a child's smile and grin.  No matter where it happens it is acceptable and joyous and something that spreads joy. 

In these dark days of winter, or childhood cancer and other dark things, a bit of joy is what we need.  Sparkles and candles and endless outdoor Christmas lights.  

I don't need burning bushing or walking on water to believe in God.  I see evidence of it everywhere and almost every day.  Glitter was a gift from God to remind us of how tiny light can be and yet powerful.  It spreads, it makes us smile and it shows up in the weirdest and most opportune places.  How can Glitter not make you happy. 

So here us your job this Christmas is to spread glitter everywhere. Far and Wide because it is a great gift from God. 

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