Wednesday, August 01, 2012

She has escaped but I did not....

She is out, She is out, She is out.  She has escaped the horror that now surrounds each and every blood draw. Her bruises are solid PURPLE. She is giving herself two more shots a day.  Each shot = a bruise.  It is nuts.  I look at her bruises, and scars and the stretch marks from the prednisone.  It makes me so sad.

With each admission and each time the process becomes more complicated and hurtful and frustrating: she cries, she is sad and then we move on.   Today she needed to get out today so she could go to the Ruby Project class and do some printing.  Photography is a great thing for her right now. Great Distraction.

I, on the other hand had challenges and a couple fun things today.

 Did not sleep in;
Did arrive just as the donut lady was serving to the  SCCA floor;
Had coffee with Amber and Karen;
Missed rounds;
Met some new people with a 9 month old ALL baby, let broken heart heal;
Tried to take a nap but then quicker then you could say "Discharge"they were pushing us out the door; 
Dropped Mary-E at the house and headed for my root canal appointment;
Found a great parking place;
Was on time and there was very little paper-work;
Met with the nice doctor;
Could not convince her that a hand full of pain meds and time would make the excrusiating pain in my tooth go away;


Never go to the Root Canal lady without a fully charged I-Pod.  They drill and dig and then start again. Then they dig some more.  I never thought it would end. 

And when it did, it was a lie.  I am expected back for one, maybe two more chances for drilling and digging and ......

I will have a book loaded on my I-Phone, it will be charged and I will have really fabulous earphones. 

My ordeal will be over in a few weeks.  She is not so lucky.  Headphones fix my situation.  I wish  I could find the magic ones that would fix her.

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