Sunday, August 05, 2012

Time with the Boys....

So every now and then we get to take a break.  We joined Patty Page for time on the USS New Orleans. An amphibian transport vessel.  24, 000 tons when loaded with the Marine's various toys. 

It is a navel ship, but was built to transport 1000 or so Marine's to various locations.  It was pretty cool, lots of long hall ways, cramped quarters and few places to "recreate".  Young, young sailors, not many women.

As we proceeded it became more and more apparent there is a rift between the Navy and the Marines.  Small comments: "we will be taking you into their housing area, we don't care for that area so please accept my apology in advance if it is not as tidy as we would keep it". 

Because the tours are up and down steep sort of laddery sorts of stairs Meb did not feel like she would be able to make it.  In our absence, she was discovered by several sailors and entertained.  They were going to make sure she was well taken care of during our absence.  I think it was in exchange for her silence on where they sneaking away and smoking.  She found out lots about how the ship worked, who was able to have the week-end off and where the extra beer was hiding.

I found out that when the N.Orleans struck the USS Hartford, ( a nuclear sub), it was not their fault.  The Hartford was in the wrong part of the Straits of Hormuz.  

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Good for both of you!!! It's so refreshing to know that both of you are getting out and enjoying the good life. BRAVO!!!!