Friday, August 03, 2012

Should Be's

Should be..... picking up the house for the house keeper

Should be...... watering and fertilizing the garden

Should be..... doing laundry

Should off my desk

Should be........finding more stuff in my basement for Liz to sell

Should be.........finding a job

Should be...........getting my blog a publisher

Should be..........loosing weight

Should be.........walking more

Should be..........swimming every day

Should be..........repacking for the Reunion in CDA this next week-end.

Should be......staying home this next weekend

Should be.......weeding the side yard.

Should be.......preparing a petition for the staff to sign about the food.

Should be......less stressed and worried.

Should be.... cleaning out the garage.

Should be...... making a list of what I should be doing.

The list goes on and on. 

 My cousin Jean told me once that I "shouldn't should on myself"  She is a very wise women.

So today's reality:

Leave at 9:00 when the house keepers arrive.
Find Breakfast (love this task).
Go to Children's for a previously unscheduled blood draw because of huge hurting bruises from Lovenox.
Come home to a clean house.
Polyclinic for M-E for a wart issue.(Yes we could have it removed by Derm at children's but we were not impressed with them.  They were the three coats that showed up and looked at Meb and pronounced she had hives.  Silly peeps, we knew she had hives.  When asked what caused them the all scurried out of the room saying things like:  lots of things cause hives;  we don't know it could be the air; hives are very mysterious.)

Home to maybe do one or two of my "should be's"


Our Journey Through Prostate Cancer said...

Mary Elizabeth is one of the strongest or even the strongest young lady I've ever had the opportunity to meet, to talk to, to be around. What courage and strength she has and such a strong will to overcome any thing that is put in her path. Thank God for young lady's such as Mary Elizabeth. This world has a chance to change because of her strength and determination!!

Maggie said...

And for Mothers like Sally.

AnneK said...


Our Journey Through Prostate Cancer said...

Sally we don't even need to say anything about her, as her determination, strength, will to keep going through whatever is put into both of their paths! Sally always looks up and looks for the positive in any situation from family, Mary Elizabeth, work, life, even a toothache!! She has such strength!! These two lady's are a good examples we all need to follow!