Friday, August 24, 2012

Faulkland Islands, Trinity Ridge Fire, Double Cord Blood Transplants.

What?  Are you crazy?
Do you have a screw loose?

Don't you remember January of 1982?  Some Argentinians landed on the Falkland Islands.  They were not welcome and the Brits sent a bunch of ship to "defend the empire".  We waited for  three weeks for the ships to get there. 

It was so so weird to sit around and listen to the news about how they were sailng and where they were going to engage the enemy. For those of you that forgot, the Brits won, lost a couple of ships.  200+ Brits dies and 650 or so Argentinians.

The Trinity Ridge Fire is taking forever to arrive at Featherville.  Yes, the fire people named two fires starting within a day or two of each other Trinity Bridge and Trinity Ridge.  It is not fault my spelling is off sometimes. 

More than a week-ago my Cousin Judd was told to go to his cabin and take all of his cherished possessions with him and get out.  The fire was coming.  The fire is still not there.  They are waiting.

Mary-E had a double cord blood transplant.  And we are waiting.

It is the not knowing when the waiting will be over. 

I know that during the Falklands, we were in law school and it was January and we were deep in our books.

I know those from Featherville have been trying to figure out what to do.

I know I have been trying to be busy and doing positive things with my time. 

Sometimes the waiting gets to me.  Today my friend Liz took me to the Pacific Northwest Alaska Quilt show in Tacoma.  Sometimes waiting is a good thing.

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