Monday, March 04, 2013

Turkish News...

i'm not neutropenic anymore :) and the Mc test results: engraftment is %80-%90 okey..
 but i dont know that is that have to be %100 ? is %80 - %90 a good rate? i'm excited.. 
still have Bk virus :( and vomiting.. maybe when this problems end they let me go to home :)  it has been 2 months that i'm here..
So Guliany is the 4th person person in her country to have a double cord blood transplant.  She asks me these sort of questions and then I ask our docs and then they tell me and I tell her and then she tells her doctor. 
Sort of funny how that works.  Sort of amazing how the Internet works and what a great gift it has become. 
Good news from any part of the country is more then welcome.
Go Gonzaga and why are they not number 1?  Could someone please explain that to me.


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