Friday, March 29, 2013

New Challenges and New Horizons.

You have to focus on the big, out there in the universe goal or it will just kill you. Out there changes a lot.  It can be next blood test, next scan, next itchy spot, next moment of nausea. But what becomes nice is knowing you become better at "Nexts"

Our focus has changed to the short long term again. A bit of forward planning is happening.  Okay so there is some blood in her urine and the docs are all a twitter, we are going to visit Grandma Mary and Aunt B.

She is registering for Gonzaga in a day or two. She has three possible schedules.   She is ready to work on her license.  I have planted two more trees in the back yard.   I start my final  quarter of school. 
We are making some progress. 

The thing I know right now, right this minute, is we have changed our focus but know it might have to be reined in again.  But that is okay.

Oh, Gonzaga is out - go Shockers....

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