Saturday, March 02, 2013

Quietly Waiting on the Home Front.....


So I walk the dogs a lot.  We go at least twice a day and often more.  I don't know how long they would walk if for hours if I was up to it.  Sometimes I take them on different street and sometimes we go the same route.

I love wondering around and seeing what has changed or is changing or what is never going to change.  Winter provides less to see but it can give something as simple as bark on a tree a moment of thoughtful contemplation.  I have no idea what this tree is but I am sure I need to plant one.  Lets see I have no less then 5 trees that need a home right no so just won't more make a difference. Now will it?

  You plant them and they grow and some sometimes they die and have to be replanted.  Sort of like ME's bone marrow.  I have decided I should just chill, and do some things while it is growing up.  She really is only 13 months old.  I have been expecting quite a bit.  So we will quietly wait and breath and walk the dogs and give her time to grow up.

Dr. Paul Carpenter was given a tree.  When it was "our" tree it was fine.  Now he has to live with it... He was so pleased he hugged Mary-Elizabeth.  

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