Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So..... For Once we get good news, sort of...

Arrive at 2:45
Fill out papers
Called back at 3:10
Sit in room for 35 minutes until bouncy resident comes in...
Everyone is asking about the pain.
There is no pain. 
Found Spot by accident.
Make bouncy Resident find spot on leg.
I find it first.
He looks and does not know what to do.
He decides there should be some X-Rays.

Really at 4:00 p.m. we decide to do X-Rays.
I go get coffee and think about scarfing down a donut for moral support.
Child goes to Xray.
Xray's show nothing. 
Bouncy Resident then says we should have them so that we can have a baseline of all joints for future comparison.
He gets my glare and asks about pain.

I say there is no pain.  He is confused.  He bounces out.

In come Chappie Conrad.  Tall quiet. Doesn't know how to tie his tie. He looks, I ask questions.

He looks again.  Asks where the pain is.  THERE IS NO PAIN..........

Joints look good.
Come back in 6 months.

"What happens to the spot? When do you operate and drill and scratch and dig and create general havoc with her t-cells and derail going back to college?"

Oh the spot is not that big. It is not in a joint. It is not causing any pain.  As the steroids go away, it will heal itself. Come back in 6 months and we will see what has happened.

OMG.  REally.   That is it.  No amputation. No donor leg. No..... Just go home.  Calcium, some weight bearing exercise...  

We went home. In silence.  We could both feel the ship veer slightly out of the turmoil that has been our lives for 18 months.  Afraid to wake up from the happy dream.

Love Ortho. They could work on their flow a bit... Left at 5:30 p.m.  But that is for another day. Right now I am trying not to mess with the dream.

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