Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dietrich Idaho Dreams.

I keep having them.  Sometimes I am returning to teach, sometimes I am leaving.  It is so weird.  I don't understand why.  I wonder sometimes if I ever left.

Beware, the jobs that can affect you forever.  5 years. 24 or so students in high school.  Lots of jobs.  Two million bad pizzas.  Some great life long friends.  Wonderful memories. Some nightmares. 

I don't know. Small things, small memories, great things, great memories. 

A frog in my desk.  Not even a big frog.
A spider in my window that we fed with flies.
A class of 12- 7th and 8th graders.
Being hired over the phone for 12,000. a year.
The Janitor/Mayor.
A School board election where 5 voters took down a long time board member.
Being on Crutches during the winter and coaching the girls basket ball team,
Taking kids to State Speech and Drama.
Cooking most nights and having someone on else clean up the kitchen  (Thanks James).
Students copying the back blurb as the book report.
Pretending I knew everything and learning as I went along.
Driving three girls from Idaho to California and back.  Finding on of the girls riding the escalators in Macy's and loving it all.
Finding espresso and good bread in Sun Valley.
Sitting outside one hot night watching an angry father pummel a scared coach.  The coach and family moving out during the night.
Endless hours driving on hot nights in an old convertible through the country roads and streets of Shoshone. 
Hunting asparagus on the banks of the ditches.
Walking across the street every day for lunch.
Walking the dogs on real country roads.
Deep Deep snow and house with only a small wood stove for heat.
Teaching important things like how to pin on a corsage or which fork to use.

Growing up.  Learning, Loving, Leaving.

Maybe they come when I am struggling to figure out the future.  Sometimes a few moments in the past is a good thing.  A restoring thing, a comfortable thing.

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