Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sometimes things just don't work but the taper seeming to be.

It started a week ago when we tried to go to brunch at Palisades....  Last time were were there the waiter, once apprised of MEB's dietary restrictions was great.  He brought her things hot and cold from the kitchen, never flinched when she asked.  She can't eat from a buffet. 

 Now you might ask why we would go to Palisades if we knew they had a buffet for brunch.. She has so many other restrictions now we knew there would be something she could eat.  They have a huge variety of stuff that is legal. 

Well we sat down, ordered our much needed coffee and talked to the waitress.  Oh she did not want to play. She made it very clear we were a bother.  We left.  I did stop by the front and asked to speak with the manager.  He apologized and pleaded for another chance but we headed out the door with a promise of better and free things the next time.

We then went to Palominos. It was a bit better.  I won't even mention the ice cold Calamari.

We went over to Boom Noodle for some of their yummy food.  Well of course the menu is changed.  Of course the good Vietnamese noodles and rice dishes are gone.  Of course the lemon broth chicken noodles have disappeared and been replaced by sort of bad Asian food.   We are clearly on a roll. 

We have been sticking pretty close to home but tried to have some BBQ tonight.  So off to RoRo's.  Best stuff in town.  Walked in for ribs, both had been "86"ed.  I don't remember what that means exactly but I knew what it meant   Left there and headed to Hale's Ales. Land of   Panzanella salad.  Love that salad.  The child was mourning the loss of ribs so was pretty snarky.  (This is not the first time we have gone to a BBQ place and found them ribless in Seattle.)  

So something was found among the choices and to top off the evening she ordered a brownie. They have great brownies.  Wonderful brownies..... unless you re-heat them in the pizza oven too long and the are burnt on the bottom. 

My dad was legendary for having the worst meal ever prepared in the restaurant.  He was always afraid to send things back because he knew the chef's would do to them.  Floors, stomping, spitting, was often involved.   We are hoping that with everything else going on, she is not channeling Dad. 

On a better note, the new very slow, very long very complicated taper is going just fine.  

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