Saturday, March 09, 2013

Missed Transitions

So when did it become March?  I really need to pay more attention.  This is a confusing month to say the least but I should have known.

The grass is starting to grow,
The nut hatches are back (only 2),
The birds are starting to make all that mating racket,
The daffodils are blooming everywhere,
The urge to go to the nursery is starting to rear it's ugly head,
Spring cloths are for sale at Macy's One Day Sale because they have to make room for Summer cloths,
The last of the Christmas Lights are coming down, even in my yard,
Tomorrow it will be 9:00 am instead of 8:00,
The earth is cold but the air is warming,
I have seen a garage sale sign,
Football is almost over and Baseball has started,
People are discussing Spring Break,
I want to clean out my cupboards.

Just another lesson that no matter what, the world keeps turning.  Only this year, we are lucky enough to sort of be out in the world.  Big event this week:  ARGO

Three of us watched it mid-day. 

Today, the Seattle Dog Show.  WE need to go see what our dogs are supposed to look like.  I am also shopping for a mastiff.  I would love to see Lily be the boss of a horse.....

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