Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grampa John and the NCAA

My dad loved college sports.  In "the day" he had been a basket ball coach.  As I write those words I don't remember if he ever played.  I don't think we ever asked him. I never asked.  He loved basketball.  He knew the game. He would have been better than or is it then Obama.  He won several of the pools at our office over the years.  

Belle and Mary-Elizabeth are currently having Grampa John dreams.  Their theory is he is visiting for the tournament.  So Grampa must have been concentrating on Oregon yesterday assuming Gonzaga would be just fine.  

I could not watch them loose to Wichita.  It was sad.  I don't agree with NPR that they were soundly trounced.  They were beaten after a long hard battle.  At least Obama was wrong about them not being able to get past Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is out too. 

Nothing much on the home front but I always keep thinking the other shoes are going to drop.  (We are beyond shoe, we are worried about the whole closet.)  I find that it is hard to concentrate on much more. I have been working in the yard and the basement.  Lots of space is appearing.  Time to go through the house.  If anyone wants anything I have, let me know...


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