Friday, July 05, 2013

Reflections on a great day....

Sometimes the day is just perfect.  No rushing, no craziness.  Just moving easily from one event and activity to the next.

The dishes are still piled in the sink, laundry is not done, the yard could use some attention but sometimes it is okay to just be.  To be in the event and the place and with those in front of you. 

Mary-Elizabeth had a wonderful birthday.  She fed the masses with wonderful sour dough pancakes.  She had her toes done. Two Tiffany boxes came her way and she returned like a salmon to a party she once called her own.

Fireworks and a tequila cosmos topped her evening. 

What more could have been added.  It was simply grand and simple.

Over and Over she said:  Momma, I made it.  I made it to 21.

She said it with joy and enthusiasm and deep gratitude.  Each time she said it, I wept secretly in that quiet Mom place in the center of my heart. 

Enough of that.. She made it. She is feeling great. She has found her way back to imagining a future for herself. A future.  Who knew how important such an ethereal concept could be...

to 22.

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