Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pearl Ann and EllieMae time to let go a bit.

Girls seem to be doing fine.  There are few bumps and lots of times with clear skin.  Stomach gets a bit hinky but then who knows if it is my cooking or steroid starved girls.  They need to get a grip.  They need to let Mary-Elizabeth take them to college. 

They have hung around and fussed and been fussed over.  It is time for them to put on their big girl panties and face the real world.  No more spending time with Dreamy Doctor Carpenter or the ever blushing Dr. Hadlen.  No more special trips to the Emergency room for horrible sticking of our veins and days in the hospital.  It is time to stop being afraid and worried and vexed all the time.

Today was a 25 day.  Only 5 milligrams of steroids and you have had lots more than anyone else.  It is time to turn out and face the real world.  Just think of all the fun you get to have. 

You are spending great time with Grandma Mary.  She loves watching Big Bang with you.  She loves talking in the late evenings when she is up and planning projects.  You are spending time at the Garage Sale. This is something you need to learn about.  It is tradition in our family for you to want to buy things to sell at a later date.  Hey, Grampa John made a great purchase when he came home with a Gas Lamp.  I am sure it will come in handy sometime soon.  I am sure you are also puzzled by the beaver muffs.  Yes, they were used by ladies during the winter.  120 years ago.  They might come back in style. You can sell an old rusty spoon for 25 cents and make someones day. 

And didn't you have fun when you loaded up a box of vintage bottles for the young women having a wedding next year?  She will have enough "vases" for her reception.  Special one's will be kept, other's given away and then new memories will be made. 

What about the young girl that sells Grandma Mary tamale's appeared. We showed you how it was done.  Grandma Mary has been buying them hot from the truck for years.  They are a great Saturday treat.  How cool was it that a neighbor saw us buying them, arranged for them to be dropped off at her home and then the lady's from the sale bought some also.  Everyone received cards and numbers and that relationship is firmly established.

College will be scary but we will have a talk before that time.  You will be well prepared.  I know it is new and you are very much on guard.  You are doing a great job.  You have kept Mary-E healthy for the most part and even then it was not your fault she was sick.  I know you didn't understand how much I needed trip to New York.  It was practice for when we won't be together all the time.  Moms need time away. 

So girls things are great.  No great illnesses around and we are all being really careful.  You can relax.  You can do your job without the steroids.  you are strong and healthy and ready to be the immune system you were meant to be.  You don't have to be too wary of the sun or the sand or a dog's lick.  A bit of a rubbing shirt is okay.  M-E is doing more than her part to keep you guys healthy and happy. 

So let's all relax a bit. 

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