Saturday, January 12, 2013

Voices from other Places...

So my chatterings on the Internet bring strange results. People Google things and they find my stuff and they contact me.  This is both good and bad.  

Always good to know others are out there and there are about 6000 new sets of parents a year. In the US.  I have no idea how many are out there in the rest of the world  It is sad to know what happens in many situations.  They don't always have happy endings.  Sometimes you don't know the ending. Sometimes people just reach out and then disappear.

The newest to reach out is a young woman from Turkey.  

> Hi there,
> my name is gulenay  i'm from Turkish Republic, and i'm a 24 years old girl who has a lukemia (aml m5)
> i found you from your blog.. and i'm gonna have double umbilical cord blood transplantation.. and i'm scaring.. what shoul i do? what u recommend us? help us pls

I wrote back and was very worried that I had not heard.  This morning, I received this: 

 hi there!
today is the first day of chemo. i mean -7. 19th of this minth is the certain transplant date.. i was a little bit busy so i forgat to write you.. they send me other parts of hospital (nose ear trouht, eye, teeth, lung etc..) for control to before transplant..
tey gave me a paper today and and somr boring things writing on it.
example: during the 1 year after transplant dont go crowded places such as shopping centers, never eat outside don't eat the goods whic are close to soil such as mushrooms and greenness etc.. etc..
is that rules really very important?
there is no problem about nutrition now. i drink nearly 3 litters of water every day and eat everything (i mean allowed by the doc.)
how is your doughter? and. and i really wonder that how old is she?

I am amazed to hear from someone but what a gift.  Well I have to feed the hummingbirds and pick up my house a bit.  Lily is coming home and we are staying close to home.  The outside world is dangerous on the week-ends for us.  


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