Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Notes from the Ice Flow

Hoping she is coming home today.  I am hoping she gets some sleep here. Hoping she regains her positive footing. Hoping this is just an unfortunate bump in the road. Hoping Hoping Hoping.

"It is just a cold or the flu".

Boy I wish that was not the case.  In my world "JUST"  is not an option.  We don't get justs.  It is just a bump, it is just another week, it  is just one year without a real Christmas tree.

It is all about perspective.  Millions of people have colds and flu.  They feel bad.  They don't get hospitalized in strict issolation on oxygen for 9 or 10 days. 

Our ability to rationalize and make our brains accept what is happening is directly related to rest, right food and the time of day. Mornings are better than evenings and Mondays are generally better than Fridays.  Tests on Monday to Thursday are better then Friday to Monday AM. (Waiting for results is horrid over the week-end and we don't trust the baby docs.)  No visit it the ED (Emergency Department, because we have been insulting them by calling it the ER) is ever acceptable.  

So while we drift on this Ice Flow remember if we are bit curt, or less than encouraged by your words, that we are really cold out here.  It is very alone and we are the folks that have made ALL the good kind of cancer.  Really can any kind of Cancer be good.  

Meb is home.  We are about to go celebrate Kira's and Prince Catherine's (Kate Middleton)  birthday at Palisade's!!!!


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