Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't Get Me Wrong, there are good Stories.

I am not a gloomy person.  I am a happy, well adjusted human being.  Generally life is good or we can make it good with a little effort.  There are some weeks that are better then others.  

People don't want to know the dark side.  I totally understand.  Hope and statistics is what gets us through the days and nights and each scan and each impending blood draw. Those of us in Cancer World have no choice.  No choice leads to acceptance, mass rationalization and coping mechanisms abound for humans.   It is what it is so DEAL.

Lots and lots of kids do their time and move forward, just like in the movies and on TV.  I remember the lovely one episode of Grays Anatomy when they did a bone marrow transplant in one episode.  Child was in the hospital for about 56 minutes.  

This process, like so many others, is long and complicated.  It more like remodeling your bathroom.  You start with a water spot.....  4 months, thousands of dollars later it is fixed.  But sometimes the fix reveals the uranium mine under the foundation and the whole thing has to go. 

Mary-Elizabeth is in that awful part of construction where they are doing the trim, the fixtures have not arrived and there is that pesky problem with the toilet still rocking.   All will be done in good time but somethings can't be rushed...

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