Thursday, January 03, 2013

Yellow River

so Seattle Children's Hospital has spent millions of dollars on a new building.  Someone decided that since the ER (Now Known as the ED) was going to have negative numbers, they would completly re-name, re-number, re-color and re-do the entire hospital.  They chose well for the most part.  Green Forest, Purple Mountains and Blue Ocean.  Then it all went to hell with the YELLOW RIVER
I have of course commented on this little faux pax to many a person's amusement.  No one has thought about it quite that way.  How could anyone not see it?
HEE HEE.  Oh well forever this place will have a yellow river.  Yellow Snow needs to be next.
Child is still having major trouble breathing.  Using a fair amount of Oxygen still.  Hoping her $10,000.00 IVIG will make a difference.  She is pretty miserable and still in Strict Isolation.  
I will just hang out and enjoy the Yellow River.  It has a Yellow Frog.  Probably a product of the Yellow Discharge from the Nuclear Plant. 

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