Sunday, January 06, 2013


Boy.... is this a serious illness.  I now understand why people died. I should know better.  Most people think the flu is that nasty vomiting thing.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong..  It is more likely to be a bad burger or some off may.  It is Norwalk virus sort of thing.  

This is not the same thing.  It is 


Questions & Answers
What causes influenza?

Viruses cause influenza. There are two basic types, A and B, which can cause clinical illness in humans. Their genetic material differentiates them. Influenza A can cause moderate to severe illness in all age groups and infects humans and other animals. Influenza B causes milder disease and affects only humans, primarily children. (MEB has A.  We know this because the hospital LOVES to culture stuff.  The rest of us are out of luck we have to guess.  Alergies, cold?  Sort of a Crap Shoot.)

How does influenza spread?

Influenza is transmitted through the air from the respiratory tract of an infected person. It can also be transmitted bydirect contact with respiratory droplets. (People, keep your secretions under control!)

How long does it take to develop symptoms of influenza after being exposed?

The incubation period of influenza is usually two days but can range from one to four days. (If I had it, I must of caught it on the plane.  I wonder if Laura Breshock was sick, because we were on the same plane)

What are the symptoms of influenza?

Typical influenza disease is characterized by abrupt onset of fever, aching muscles, sore throat, and non-productive cough. Additional symptoms may include runny nose, headache, a burning sensation in the chest, and eye pain and sensitivity to light. Typical influenza disease does not occur in every infected person. Someone who has been previously exposed to similar virus strains (through natural infection or vaccination) is less likely to develop serious clinical illness. (We were both vaccinated... What is up with that!!)

How serious is influenza?
Although many people think of influenza as the "flu" or just a common cold, it is really a specific and serious respiratory disease that can result in hospitalization and death.

In the United States, the number of influenza-associated deaths has increased since 1990. Influenza disease can occur among people of all ages; however, the risks for complications, hospitalizations, and deaths are higher among people age 65 years or older, young children, and people of any age who have certain medical conditions. (BMT patients!!! on two kinds of immunosuppresents?)

I have been watching this bug work on my poor daughters body. She is so fragile physically and emotionally. She is being really mean to her mom and that is good sign but then it tells me she is really scared.  She has been dealing with a dry hacking cough for two weeks. She is exhausted, having a hard time sleeping and her lungs are not working very well.  Now she has some sort of red bump on her arm... Because life threatening virus's are not enough. 

Now I have the sore throat.  Very dull present and uncomfortable.  Yuck.   I don't want to get sick again. 

It is just time to stop all this nonsense.  I have school starting tomorrow. Mary-E has school to do.  A Circuit's final and some deep philosophy reading and writing to do.  We need this to be done.  

Now.... Please.  2013 is beginning to make me mad!!



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