Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She is Awake, She hurts, but only when she Move.

She is good. The Port is inserted, in the same place as the scar from Port 1.  She should have much less trouble with blood draws right now.  It might seem extreme but her veins are shot and I suggested they take her to the OR each time she needs a blood draw.  The Surgeons were concerned about putting a child size port in an adult child on steroids.  We were having none of that nonsense.  Seems to me that they should order a few adult size ports.  They also did not think it was a good use of hospital resources to take her to the OR and some nitros each time she had a blood draw. 

Port has been installed.

I am going back to bed.  I forget how much I don't sleep before surgery and other important stuff. 

I think I handle it but the late nights and weird dreams and frequent wakings tell another story. Another Good Rem period is all I need to be good. 

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