Monday, January 07, 2013

Both ends of the Spectrum

Mom has been sick.  Mary-Elizabeth is sick.  I have been caring for both of them.  Seems perfectly  normal but I wish they would quit tag teaming me.  I really need them to need me one at a time. 

I had promised Belle that I would be there for Karianna's trip to the "New Parts" guy but I knew when I said it, it would not be reality.  After a bit of time, Belle knew it would not work and we sent "her brother" Alex to be the voice of reason.  There are times there is need for someone else to be there and tell you it is okay and we will get through this. 

Alex has that calm Foster demeanor and the Lanham sense of humor.  That is ever so helpful.

Mom is feeling better and going to leave the house because it is Housekeeper Monday.  She is going put the dog in the car, drive to a breakfast place and have breakfast.  Big steps for her.  I don't think she has driven for several weeks, maybe months.  She should do fine. 

Mary-E is fighting off the needle pokes.  She is feeling well enough to simply tell them "NO" to more than one poke a day until she gets her port.  She has taken on her own care with a new sort of verve... I can tell she is feeling better.  

They both are feeling better.   I can turn my total focus to School, Parking Permits, and maybe even a UCard.  How cool is that.... 

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