Friday, January 04, 2013

She was mad at me today...

She was sure I would fail to bring back McDonald's apple pie.  She was upset and hungry and wanted bad food and she wanted it NOW......  She wanted sleep and she wanted it NOW.... She wanted a bath but was too tired to have that but she wanted it NOW.

She is about 3 right now.  It is a good sign.  That is the age they really start to fight for themselves.  It was just one of those days.  Full of little setbacks and no real end in sight. 

Step forward: There is a plan in place for putting in a new port. 
Step back: I left to pick up lunch and during my absence they needed to take out the much fought for IV. She is afraid she will have to have another one.  I have assured her they are not  going to do that without me there and after a lot of discussion about alternatives.

Step forward:  Her cough is becoming productive.  

Step back:  She coughs so much she can not sleep.

Step forward:  We finally had a discussion about making sure she gets some sleep.  
Step Back:  Shift Change and we have to do it all again. 

It is the little things.  I left to take care of the dogs and because I don't think I am helping.  I am going to go back after some dinner and drop off some sugar free cough drops and some food.  She is not really hungry but will be later and we know there is no food for her at the hospital beyond the satsumas and jello.  

Sleep will help her more than anything.  Today was the first day she mentioned wanting to go home.  I am hoping we can make that happen in a day or two.  

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