Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Basic Expectations

I am very  much a half-full person.  I was raised by Mary Foster Lanham.  She was sure that if a child had enough raisins in their oatmeal things would be good.   She felt Hitler did not have enough Oatmeal.

I do have some basic expectation.  I like the sun to rise.  The toast to be hot and full of buttery goodness.  I expect the coffee to be strong and it does not have to be hot.  I expect food to be cleared of anything made in a factory.  I expect people to be polite and trustworthy.  I expect good signage.   EXIT  is not a sign.

The University of Washington if failing to meet my signage expectations.  First all the buildings basically look alike when it is dark.  The campus map is wonderful and interactive  on a phone but if there is no map on the campus that says:  You are HERE  then interactivity is for the birds.  If there is not a single path or street sign and you can't tell Spokane from Sandpoint, then a map is pretty useless.  I had a horrible time last night "wayfinding". 

With the help of Kerry, I arrived in class, all most late and with a nasty attitude. Some kind happy delightful man tried to give me a pen and be nice but I was having none of it.  It was the first class and everyone was excited.  It is Training and Development and the women named Linda was there all excited to be our teacher.  I was grumpy and not very nice.

I realized how often our expectations can really screw up out attitude about the world around us if the expectations are not met.  It would seem simple to have fewer expectations and lower standards.  But if we expect less of the world then how do we maintain a half full, trusting world view? 

I will think about that today.  I am feeling 100% so I am letting myself out of prison and going to go explain my expectations to some people in the food department.  Then I am going have a chat with an arrogant resident.

Hope I meet someones expectations.

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