Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A call for Kindergarten came and I went....

What an amazing thing to do. They are so fun.  Squeggly, all the time.  Noise just emanates from them.  This bunch had a problem with lines.  Really, I have standards and a line is not a hard thing to make.  They do have 26 in this class so it is pretty crazy. 

Lots of stories, lots of work sheets.   They have white board projectors and I need a manicure.  The day passed with relative ease.  No one scarred, no one in too many tears about hurt feelings.  The door holder was not happy that everyone did not say thank-you.  During free choice time, Em decided she wanted to explain to Anna about her horrible day.  Rudy's nose bled. Blevon's finger bled. Samantha fell and her hands were scratched. 

I just covered them in lots and lots of purelle and stripped down when I came home. 

It is interesting to be in different schools with different kids.  Now this is not a rich school by any means.  Solid school in every way.  All the kids are in uniforms.  There is an energy and a neediness that comes from some class rooms.  It is very apparent that some kids have their very basic needs met but other are seeking some of that from school. 

There is a lot to be said about have a good breakfast, a hug from a mom in the morning and a good friend in school.

Oh, Hot Lunch at St. John's has Chef Walter beat...

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