Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hockey Night in Mountlake Terrace

Hockey is not something many of us in the West understand.  Hey, I was one of them. I did not understand how it could be fun to watch guys in bad cloths chase a little black thing on the ice.  I have said it many times before, You have to be there. It is not something to read about or watch on TV. You have to be there. 

It is a true sensory experience.  The noise, the intensity, the collisions, the slamming against the wall.  The Zamboni ... but after you get adjusted and start to settle into the game, you realize it is an art.

These big guys are traveling at breath neck speed, in both directions.  Their entire focus is on the a 4 inch piece of frozen rubber.  Their ability to move it around the ice and slam it with precision is always breath taking.  They are such good skaters.

Several years ago, maybe when M-E was a Junior, we went to see the University of Washington play in a tournament in Eugene. 
It took about 10 minutes to be hooked.  I am still amazed every time I go.  

I am not a fan of fighting and it does happen and everyone gets to go the bad boy box or they are escorted off the floor.  They are guys on a mission and every time someone gets in their way or uses a stick in a manner "not prescribed as appropriate".  There is a bit of unnecessary roughness but they are traveling so fast and so focused, they have a mission. Love this kind of focus. 

Our team has really improved over the years. They work together and they shoot for the goal much more then in the past.  The fans have increased tenfold.  Had we stopped for dinner, we would not have had a place to sit.  

Mary-E loves hockey and we tired to go before Christmas.  She had warn herself out that day and just went to bed.....   She managed her energy better and we made it through two periods.  So happy we could see our team do well....

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