Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frost filled Mornings

Coldness is creeping into all the crevises of the house.  Frost is deep, the kind of frost that could be mistaken as a light dusting of snow.  I think my yard waste container is frozen shut.  (I will be testing it soon when I add more after I bundle up and venture outside.)

Outside looks like a lot of parent's in Cancer World feel.  Dark, cold, isolated from those that are in warm cozy houses.  It is hard to describe.  Despite what is happening, we have oodles of optomism.  Against the most horrid odds and twists and turns of the process.

The good thing about it, warms up.  The birds brave the cold and then we all feel better.  We all have bad days and very frosty days.  It does not take much to help spread the warmth.....

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