Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mary-Elizabeth PearlAnneEllieMae Sierra Lanham

You are almost a year old.  The transplant was at 3:00 pm so let's not jump the gun.  

I don't quite know what to say.  I am sure you don't either.  I wasn't too interested in transplant day.  I was much more interested in Day 18 when cells showed up.  Trust me the days between 1 and 18 were pretty horrific.  

You were one miserable child and for good reason.  
Everything was an effort.  
Everything was difficult.  
Everyone hovered, a lot.
Everyone wanted to poke and prod.
Everyone wanted to weigh in on how you were doing.

You did it.  You invited PearlAnnEllieMae in and made them feel at home.  They are still being bothersome but that is how toddlers react to the world. 

A year. 365 days.  It took only 40 weeks to bring you into this world.  I can say this process was much more difficult and trying. I am expecting much better behavior this next year. 

Love you. Cherish you. 

I am so glad you are still here, even though you are going to become a toddler and get into everything. 


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