Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She is planning to go Back to Gonzaga......

Sometimes I worry that if I make any sort of plan, it will be hijacked by a complication.  Christmas, a hockey game, a dinner party.  

It is sort of discouraging not being able to plan.  

Since she was diagnosed and taken out of school, I have been pushing for her to get back. 

She left in September of 2011.  I was hoping she could get back in remission, have a transplant an be back in school by September 2012.  They nixed that and said a year from the transplant date. I tried to move up the transplant date but that did not work.  So then I tried to get them to agree to let her a couple of weeks earlier.

Well she has been sick or stoved up because of the port for most of the month of January. That would have been a huge mess.  

So, in her own plodding way, she has always said she is going back in August.  Never wavered from that plan.  August.....  She has made the first big steps by arranging her housing.... 

I realize now, it is not enough to go back, she has to go back and stay.....  

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