Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tucker may have to Die today..... and so should some administrators that think they can cut corners on the SCCA floor at Children's Hospital.

I love Tucker.  He is a great dog.  Noble and wise.  He is sort of like some of the nurses we have had over the years, (not many but some) and they all lack common sense.  

Rules are something we must have because not all people have common sense but then even when there are rules, it is a good idea to apply them with some common sense. 

So this morning I let the dogs out (Lily is back).  They ran, Tucker bit and shook the hose (he is a dog, how do I know why) and then they began to bark  in the driveway.  Our driveway magnify sounds so I worked to get  him in the house.  

Since we were under attach, there was a need to work extra hard.  I tossed a couple of treats down the stairs and he came in, finally. Mission accomplished.  I could have some coffee, and spend some time on the computer.   But........

Best laid plans are not always the best.  Two of the treats ended up on the stairs going down to the basement.  Tucker could not figure out how to get them. He just whined. He is an awkward sort of dog so if he just bent his head and tried he would fall down the stairs.  He just whined. He sat and looked at them and then guess what?   He just whined some more.  I tried to explain to him that if he went into the basement he would be able to eat them as he walked up the stairs.  He never stops on the steps, he goes all the way down.  Something about physics and gravity and other nerdy stuff.  Again, he just whined.

So after he resisted my efforts to send him down stairs I unleased the hounds again and more barking was happening.  I took pitty on my neighbors, picked up the treats, brought the dogs in and realized sometimes, you just have to whine.

Sometimes there is nothing that can fix the situation.  Things require whining to accomplish the better out come.  Seattle Children's is going through a major change in how they provide care.  At least on the SCCA floor there has been one to two care.  On transplant day we had two nurses all day.   They have gone to a CNA system where the lesser paid and trained people do the really basic, cann't screw it up no matter how hard you try sorts of things.  

Oh, yeah, lets go from the most highly trained nurses to people that are just starting out and don't really understand.  Here is the link to my friend in the trenches Gail and her experience.  She is not just whining.  She is trying to save her child from Leukemia. 

Mr. Tucker will not give up.  He will not stop whining until he gets what he needs and what he wants.

Handling things like bad food issues, problems with Security and their stupid badges, filthy and incompetent emergency department is hard.  Having a CNA try to wake your child to weigh a diaper is just too much. 

Rules are good.  Common Sense is better.

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Sima Thorpe said...

I notice that Tucker is a Scotty (I have two of these critters). I laughed when I read your post because Scotties are the most single-minded creatures I have ever met. They are on their own program and your job is to get with it, get on their program, NOW. I knew there was a reason why we should be friends, because it takes a person with a really, really good sense of humor to own a Scottish Terrorist.