Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I am in control of the Universe and it does fall apart when I am gone.

I left on the 26th for Eugene.  Mom was gimpy.  She had taken the 25 pound turkey out of the over by herself and twisted and tore a muscle.  The big one.  When questioned about it, she simply pointed out she had never needed help before.  So I mentioned that to Mary-Elizabeth and she said that was just like Me.  I figure I have a few more decades to lift the turkey.

I spent a few days with mom.  We left the house a couple of times.  Housekeeper Thursday and Dentist Friday.  We had lunch at our favorite tomato basil soup and some other yummy things.  I helped with the dogs.  Mia needed no walks with Lily and Tucker around.  There is so much with the toys and the socks and other things. 

Mom was walking with a walker but after  a few days she was able to walk a bit more.  She had chairs strategically located and has most things worked out.  One in the kitchen to keep an eye on the coffee, one by the door outside to keep the dogs happy.  One in the dinning room so she can walk around the table a few times to get stronger. 

I was there to pick up some of the tasks it takes to make life better and running smoothly.  It seemed to work. I has no particular time for my return.  I knew I had to be back on the 6th so I could start school again.

So what happens, Mary-Elizabeth was left with the house and a cold. I had the dogs and there was no real projects to do. So I left.  She coughed and slept and spend some fun times with friends. She even went to a movie.  Life was good and then......

Bad cough became horrible cough.  Sore Throat and more coughing.  A chest Xray and some more coughing.  Nothing really showed up.  Some snotting into cup and then more coughing.I received a call about 3:00 am about a child needing to go to the ER.  Or sorry, ED (emergency is more then a room). 

Anne had a great adventure.  She was very upset as they tortured my daughter while trying to get an IV in for the CT scan.  4 times, no numbing, no nitrous, no......  I don't even want to think how bad it was.  Tears, pain, big pain. 

There will be on more pain if I can help it.  I want a line.

I am so upset by all of this.  It is so hard to see your child tortured.  She is so strong and so worried about all of this.  I am sure this is not as bad as it feels but it is not good to be back at all.  They will fix her and it will be okay and she will get better and we will move on with getting past this year.

It is all my fault.  I went to my class reunion and that caused a blood clot.  I go to New York to hang out with Mick J. and it causes an patient stay......  It is me.  It is not cancer or Pearl Anne it is me.  If I am not around to stomp on the trouble causers, there is a problem. 

I have to remember Pearl Anne is only a year old and she is running around in the body of a young adult.  The two of them can get into a lot of trouble and they have.  Oh have they been out of control.  Well I am back and I am not going any where.   We are getting things under control!

Oh, well live and learn.  I will try and sneak out a bit but leave when Pearl Anne is better behaved.  She can behave if she does not know what I am doing. 

We are having a good time visiting with everyone.  We were most pleased to know that they have fresh Satsumas for my poor baby.   That made me happy. 

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