Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I saved Christmas Morning Breakfast

Mary-Elizabeth is down for the count. As she said to me with a smile.  "sharing is caring" .  I am hoping she will have a few quiet days and just sleep because with this cold, sleep is the only time you don't feel like crap. I find that I wake after those few days of "three wise trucks ran over me twice" days with no real memory of the event.

I woke yesterday  morning, loaded the dishwasher again, made coffee and then coffee cake. (That was not much of a save) and started breakfast.  The Sierra's were coming and Mary-E loves these mornings.  The kids are ready of great presents.  It is a good time.  Squeals of 6 year olds when the open monster remote control trucks is the best next to 10 year olds finding joy in a million little things and already planning the trip to the American Girl Doll store.

We napped, I did laundry, yes the true Christmas Miracle.  I did more dishes because the Sierra side of the family love the glitz and glitter more then anyone and the good dishes love them.

All and all it was good.  Now off to Eugene.  MaryE will get to her appointments via the many angels in our lives.  I will see what Mom is up to.  I am expecting something is on her mind.  Or we will be Mart Shopping.  K-Mart, WalMart, some of her favorite places. 

As I leave I always feel conflicted.  So many families are deep in the battle but sometimes I need a rest. I think and pray for the kids in ICU (keep fighting Rebbecca).  1 year olds on Steroids (Gayle you can survive this, but it is the worst of them all).  Kids trying to get a hold of maintenance and still fighting the battle in places away from Children's (Alison you are our hero.)  Parents wondering if the cancer is coming back anytime soon since there is no doubt it will (Darlis enjoy your view of Russia from your Alaska Porch).

We can't fix most of it.  We can't even begin to start.  We can save a meal, burn the coffee cake and forget to light the candle but sometimes it is enough to just use the good china and the real silverware. 

Just know every "little save" counts in end.

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