Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

We have always tried to make Christmas special in simple ways with some spectacular twists.  There is not a lot of money for big presents so the little special gifts are sought out to the ends of the world.  Little things that might be a memory jogger.  "Oh I remember when...."  sort of thing.  Not just the perfunctory sort present for present sake. 

This year I am sick.  Deep down, stay in bed for 22 hours sick.  I feel better today and suspect that will be the trend but yesterday Mary-E and I had a long talk about all the things that needed to be done in order to have the special soup and the stuff for Christmas Breakfast,  She has been a busy busy bee.  She took on my stuff as well as hers.  The only think I have been allowed to do is clean the crabs.

She has done three kinds of cookies, candied pecans and the stock for Crab Bisque.  She has done all the shopping and even came home with stuff for dinner.  Love Love Love Black cod. 

We are well under control.  I did show her what parts of the crab goes away.  I was the prefect person to clean crabs this year because I can't smell anything.  I am hoping I can taste by tomorrow.

Here are some of our relatives.  I found the files on my computer.  Love old pictures.  Wonder what those a 100 years from now will think about our pictures? 

Crab soup needs some attention.

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