Saturday, December 01, 2012

I Feel Like we are At Spirit Lake.....

We had a house there during our "North Idaho" years.  We would go for the week-end and dad would get away from the phone.  There was not phone or television.  I don't even remember a radio but it had a wood stove that we cooked on and a great dinning room with wooden walls and a plate rail.  It is the dinning room by which I judge all others.

While we went every week-end, I often felt like we missed things back in town (30 miles away.) But when ever we could, mom would pack us up and haul us to the lake.  It was not unusual for us to stay until Monday morning and drive back in time for school.

I missed dances and games and sleepovers and lots of other stuff.  But I remember doing things like making a dress for a formal, reading real books like Atlas Shrugged and Gone with the Wind.  I remember baking dozens of cookies on a wood stove.  I remember lots of snow and leaves and walks to the lake in the summer for swimming.  In retrospect it was a wonderful time.  I was not wise enough to recogize it at the time.

We are at Spirit Lake.  We are missing things.  The Nutcracker, busy shopping and holiday window shopping. The TapRoot Christmas show, Tea at the Queen Mary.  Finding a tree, having everyone over to decorate it. 

But while we are at the lake we do get to do somethings.  Mary-Elizabeth is wraping presents because the internet works so well.  I am beginning my slog through Game of Thrones, 1-5. I am working on my Tuna Noodle Cassorole and thinking about making bread tomorrow. 

It is a quiet time.  A blessed time.  A time I will never forget. A time I hope I appreciate now.  

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Roger and Candi Merrill said...

Ha! Sally - I am just starting Game of Thrones too. (It's good to have a big series of thick books to get lost in). We are baking bread, ordering Christmas presents online to avoid all those nasty viruses that people carry into stores with them. We watch Netflix instead of going to the movies. You know what? Life does go on. While it might not be exactly the way we planned it; it's still a life and we enjoy it.