Thursday, November 29, 2012

Did you ......

Drink enough?
Take you calcium chews?
Take your tacro?
Hold you tacro?
Give yourself a shot?
Get sleep?
Order your meds?
Have enough protein?
Walk the dogs?
Put on cream?
Fill in the blank                   

She is so tired of having the questions asked.
She puts up with it and does not have many slip ups.  Sometimes the drugs are taken when they need to be held. Sometimes the drugs are held when they need to be taken. Sometimes the sample cup is given at the right time or not. 

We are very used to it but it does not make it better.  I know we are supposed to put on a brave face and "just deal".  We are running out of "just deal" energy.  Every now and then we have to re-charge. So we just stop what we are doing and go downtown and go to Pacific Place and we go to dinner and we go to a silly yet wonderful movie.  I skip class and she stops getting ready for her tests.  She found a sweater.  I found a special something for the child that deserves everything and is so trapped in Cancer World.  (No it is not cleaver.) 

It is good. 

Finish your homework?
Clean the house?

Have fun?

Yes we did.

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