Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We spent yesterday morning at the SCCA.

Meb was itching, not looking great.  No real improvement on her GVH.  It was unsaid but we both knew more high doses of prednisone would be the result of the meeting. 

The reality of the unmatched donor is starting to sink in.  I asked if they had different results from different points of mis-match and what to expect.  We didn't get much of an answer but GVH is here for awhile. 

The shocking statement was "This is very early in transplant."  I was dumb struck.  How could this be early, it has been 10 months.  We are about to do the annual follow-up, she has not begun her tacro (or as she said "taco") taper! 

Here we are, we are almost a year out and I thought we would be done.  Boy we are so far from being done. If is time to realize that this is never done.  Not really.  There will be better health in the future.  There will be sushi and real trees and food from trucks but it is here to stay.

So, we must take solis in the fact there will be good times and sick times but there will be TIMES.  Not everyone gets more time.

Okay, that is that.  Time to put more lights on the item that holds up a few ornaments.  A quick trip to the post office. Class tonight.  Final to work on.... Yard to clean up, Christmas cards to get organized.

See no matter what, things are normal, but in a new way.

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