Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perception and Reality

So as I head to 60, I have the same goal I had as I headed to 30 and 40 and 50.  I have to look like Linda Evans with brown hair. 

In order to accomplish that feat, I need to shed a few of my Cancer World weight.  As we all know this is easier said then done.

For my birthday I bought myself a Fitbit.  It is a small devise that syncs with the computer and my IPhone and records all of my activities.  My stair climbing, my steps, how many calories I have burned, or not.  As any good device of this century it creates reports.

I see myself as a fairly active person.  I am always doing lots of things. Some say I never stay still for too long.  Well I am sorry to say the little nasty thing does not agree.  I do a fair amount of stairs, need to walk more and surprise, surprise, Eat Less... 

They have a scale that reports to the computer.  No way I Hell am I going to have one of those!!

Off to add some butter to something.  It is almost Thanksgiving!

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Audrey Watson said...

so how many steps do you average? how many flights of stairs?