Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How to Disagree

Seems like it has become almost impossible to show you true colors and disagree.  Politics has become a closeted issue. No one seems to want to discuss it anymore.  To really listen and understand, not just reject someone because you disagree with them. 

Hey explain to me why your a Republican or a Democrat?  Don't just assume I have a certain set of values because I vote one way or another.  Why I vote comes from a life time of observation, experience, my expectations of what the government should or should not do.  It is complicated, not just wrong because you disagree.

A Campaign is not just waiting for someone to say something stupid, a "Gotcha".  It is sort of like dating, it takes a long long time to really figure out the candidate.

I sort of like the long view.  I like consistency, I like decisions to be made without judgement, without stereotyping.  I like to think women have an equal stance in the world and not second class citizens. When I make a voting decision I want to make sure the person I am voting for thinks a lot like me.

I am only one generation from a family that was not always able to have a roof over their head, or food on the table every day, or more than one set of overalls to wear to school. The lack of a dose of penicillin could have saved a life if it could have been purchased.  When I look at a ballot that is in my mind. 

I have friends that are all other the:  They should work, they should go to school, they should buy their own health insurance...  Absolutely and we have the resources to make it happen. The very people that look down on those in difficult positions, many times claim to be Christians.  I wish they would review the New Testament about our responsibility to those in need.

Oh, dear, I think I am challenging my Dad.  He was a member of the John Birtch Society as a young man.  When I worked on his taxes the year he died, I found so many checks, big checks to Missions, and Habitat for Humanity and a food bank.  He recognized his need to give back. He did it without any fanfare.  He so remembered the hard times. 

He would have made you pay for a wooden spoon, full price. 

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